In 15 years, we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing, and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder


Who is Code Ninja

In this new world order, technology is everywhere, and changing faster than ever before! That’s why Code Ninja is here – to train the next generation to understand technology; more than that, Code Ninja enables kids to master the basics of coding and thrive in this exciting technology-powered world.

The Code Ninja syllabus is developed in collaboration with professional syllabus developers from the National Institute of Education (Singapore). 

Our Vision

To enable every child in Singapore to code as he or she is able to read and write.

Our Mission

To engage and help any child develop mastery in coding with a world-class curriculum and an awesome learning environment.



Kids learn transferable skills

At Code Ninja, we focus more on logic; less on syntax. Hence kids learn how to break big problems down, and solve it in smaller, sequential steps. This is something any child can benefit from – not just a future coder.

Kids learn at their own pace

We believe every child has potential, and we need to give them the encouragement and space to develop at their own pace in order to maximise this potential. That’s why at Code Ninja, kids learn at a pace they're comfortable with, working on what they already love – storytelling and games. Our approach is designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity and spark curiosity.

Results-oriented learning

To help kids become proficient and eventually gain mastery, every Code Ninja class is designed as a mini project with specific learning objectives. Every Code Ninja apprentice is issued a Code Ninja passport which tracks his or her progress after each class. There are a total of 5 levels of Code Ninja mastery which every child can work towards at his or her own pace. 

Flexible class schedule

Kids can come as often as they like whenever there are classes. Or skip when need be and just pick up where they have left off. This is because every class is designed as a complete session in itself. And the classes when stacked, build the child’s skill in coding accordingly.

Fun, collaborative environment

At Code Ninja, our level 5 projects require the kids to work as a team to complete the work. Beyond coding, such experiences impart important life skills which can serve them throughout their lives.

Creating games is fun!
— Keith 0h, 9
I like Code Ninja for its structured syllabus, which is also flexible enough to allow kids to customise their weekly code creations.
— Florence Teoh, parent
We are free to make games of our choice.
— Elliot Ng, 12


When does the next coding term start?
The Code Ninja syllabus is unique in that each class features a different mini project for the children to work on. Depending on the proficiency level of the child, each child will commence and make progress at his or her own pace with the help of the instructor. Since each class is designed to be complete on its own, your child may commence to start learning coding by picking the next suitable time slot for him or her.

Does it matter if my child misses a few lessons?
Because every class is designed to be a standalone session, your child will not miss out on anything if he/she does not come for consecutive classes. Of course his or her progress would tend to accelerate with more frequent classes. 

How do I know if my child has improved?
Every Code Ninja apprentice is issued a Code Ninja passport which tracks his or her progress after each class. There are a total of 5 levels of Code Ninja mastery which each child can work towards at his or her own pace.


How much do classes cost?
First time at Code Ninja? Book a trial class for a child at just S$39!

Regular classes can be purchased in blocks of 4 for S$230. Regular classes can be purchased in blocks of 4, 10 or 20 classes from $49.50 a class. You are free to utilise these as you deem fit. Come once a month, once a week, twice a week or even for back-to-back sessions!

View class schedule or purchase a pass here.

Who are the teachers?

Typically, our instructors have degrees (or higher) in Computer Science and are Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) trained professional syllabus developers. 

Why do you advocate regular weekly classes over coding bootcamps during school holidays?
At Code Ninja, we believe that proficiency and mastery is achieved through consistent effort over time. Of course, many of our students start learning coding during school holidays and choose to continue during the school term.

Still have questions?

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