Noah, age 9, learning to code at our trial class

Noah, age 9, learning to code at our trial class

Coding Mastery Classes

At Code Ninja, our lessons are developed around regular 90 minutes coding workshops for kids ages 9 to 16 to learn and master coding using Scratch and Python.

Students can attend one or more lessons per week as it suits their schedule.

Our curriculum objective focuses on teaching kids to apply coding to solve real-world problems.

There are 5 ninja proficiency levels.

Students learn to code and advance through the different levels whilst having fun, creating animation, building games and ultimately, conceiving and crafting tools to solve real-world problems.

The curriculum objectives and coding language introduced at the different levels are as follows:

Level 1 (Tiny)

  • Coding Language: Scratch only

  • Curriculum Objective: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Scratch Coding

  • Topics:

    • Scratch Interface Basics

    • Positioning & Movements

    • Iteration & Loops

    • Conditional Statements

    • Simple Algorithms

  • Minimum Age: 9

Level 2 (Dash)

  • Coding Language: Scratch only

  • Curriculum Objective: Introduction to Project Work to Learn Principles of Programming

  • Topics:

    • Advanced Iteration & Loops

    • Advanced Conditional Statements

    • Variables

    • Algorithms

    • Code reusability

  • Minimum Age: 9

Level 3 (Colossus)

  • Coding Language: Scratch & Python

  • Curriculum Objective: Advanced Project Work to Master Principles of Programming

  • Topics:

    • Simulations

    • Algorithms

    • 3D Rendering

    • Advanced Variables

    • Flowcharts & Program Structure

    • Advanced Algorithms

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) games

    • Computational Thinking

  • Minimum Age: 9

Level 4 (Dash)

  • Coding Language: Python only

  • Curriculum Objective: Learn and master coding Algorithms and Simulations

  • Topics:

    • Introduction to Text-Based Programming Languages

    • Data Types, Operators & Expressions

    • Iterations & Conditionals

    • Functions

    • Advanced Data Types

    • Algorithms

    • Data Storage

    • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Minimum Age: 12

Level 5 (Ace)

  • Coding Language: Python and other complementary languages to meet curriculum objectives

  • Curriculum Objective: Solving Real-World Problems, e.g.

    • Self-Driving Car Simulations

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots

    • Data Mining & Data Analytics

    • Application Development with Web Services integration

  • Topics:

    • Setting up of a Coding Development Environment

    • Automation of Computational Tasks

    • Advanced Image Manipulation

    • Web Services

    • Data Mining

    • Data Visualisation

    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    • Real-World Problem Projects

  • Competency: University Year 1 Computer Science undergraduate

  • Minimum Age: 12

On average, it takes a 12-year old with no prior coding experience between 18 to 24 months to complete all 5 levels.

Students with prior coding knowledge will be assessed during classes and automatically if they demonstrate the required skills and understanding.

Laptops for Level 1 to 4 students are provided. Level 5 students require their own laptops.

Classes start at $230 for 4 lessons and work out at $57.50 per lesson or $49.50 per lesson for our largest package.

Python O-Lvels Tuition

Recently the Ministry of Education has introduced Computing as a new examinable subject at O-Levels. This Code Ninja’s Python Coaching class is the equivalent of a group tuition class for students preparing to take this exam.