(1) Kids learn to solve real world-problems

Conventional Schools:

Students are exposed to different technologies but do not develop in-depth skills in any particular area.

Code Ninja:

Students focus on learning Scratch and Python to become proficient, and be able to apply their skills to solving real-world problems e.g. create self driving car simulations, artificial intelligence (AI) bots, data mining, data analytics, app development with web services integration to name a few.

Our Level 5 students have the competency of a University Year 1 Computer Science undergraduate and qualify under the Ministry of Education’s Direct Schools Admissions (DSA) programme.


(2) Customised learning experience

Conventional Schools:

Lessons are taught as modules with a fixed number of lessons to be completed before progressing onto the next level. Students in the same class progress at the same pace and are matched acoordingly to age, regardless of abilities.

Code Ninja:

Students are assigned different projects depending on their interests and abilities and can advance through different levels of coding challenges as quickly or as leisurely as it suits their abilities.

Tailoring the scope of each lesson to the needs of each individual student is vitally important to maximise their potential.


(3) Flexible class schedule

Conventional Schools:

Lessons are taught as modules with fixed dates to complete the curriculum.

Code Ninja:

Lessons are offered based on a pass system.

Kids can come as often as they like based on their schedules. In addition, our Private Classes offer any curriculum that might be of interest to a student e.g. Roblox coding, Microbit:, Tinkering, 3D printing, Lego Robotics, Javascript & web development to name a few. Interested in a new topic? Contact us!

Group classes can be formed with a minimum of 3 students.


(4) Regular Student Progress Updates

Conventional Schools:

Sporadic student updates.

Code Ninja:

We provide weekly passport updates on your child’s progress which is benchmarked against our Code Ninja learning roadmap.

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(5) Our Instructors

Code Ninja:

Our instructors are all professional curriculum developers who create teaching material in the area of technology for universities and schools in Singapore and around Asia.

This is why we are able to customise the learning journey for each of our students. Our teacher to student ratio is capped at 1:6.