Car Wars

Students of all ages and ability levels will find something to love in this exciting 5-day workshop!

Beginners can pick up coding skills by making a simple racing game with Scratch, the MIT-developed coding tool, whilst advanced coders will learn about the mathematics and physics of car racing - and how to build them into a surprisingly sophisticated simulation.

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From coding concepts such as loops and branches, to geometry and coordinate systems, to algorithms and object-oriented programming, there’s lots to learn in this workshop. Students are free to learn at their own pace, but the more they learn, the more they can do - and the more they do, the more they can play!

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This is a “hands-on” workshop, so students won’t just be listening - they’ll be making. Following the instructions in the worksheets, they’ll already be able to take home a game that they’ve made themselves - but there’s plenty of room to make it their own by customizing and rearranging the game to their liking.

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This workshop isn’t about adding fun to coding, maths and physics - it’s about showing kids that coding, maths and physics ARE fun. Students will discover how code can enhance their play experience - from the nitty-gritty details of fine-tuning the car’s friction data, all the way to the fast and furious action of boost power-ups.

Why choose Code Ninja?

  • Low Instructor-to-Student Ratio
    With a ratio of one instructor to four or fewer students, each and every child will get the individual attention and support they deserve.

  • Block-based Programming
    Scratch was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to make coding easier for beginners. Its simple drag-and-drop design makes for a coding tool that’s easy to use - but still very powerful.

  • Certification and Feedback
    Your child won’t just walk away with new knowledge - our certificates ensure that students come away with a sense of accomplishment. But more than that, Code Ninja also provides individualized feedback for every student, to help parents like you plan your child’s future learning journeys.